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The Expedition


The expedition's first phase was launched from Arwad, Syria in August 2008, and from there through the Suez Canal, and into the Red Sea.

Phase two was launched in August 2009 to sail round the Horn of Africa and down the east coast.  Negotiating the dangers of the Cape of Good Hope was a critical point in the expedition.  The voyage continued up the west coast of Africa, through the Straits of Gibraltar and across the Mediterranean to return to the Lebanon and Syria in October 2010. In total the circumnavigation covered over 20,000 nautical miles.



The ports of call were as follows:

Phase One:
Arwad, Syria
Port Said, Egypt

Port Berenice, Egypt
Port Sudan, Sudan
Hodeidah, Yemen

Phase Two:

Aden, Yemen
Salalah, Oman
Mayotte, Comoros Islands
Beira, Mozambique
Richard's Bay, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
Ascension Island

St. Helena

The Azores
Carthage, Tunisia

Sidar, Lebanon
Beirut, Lebanon
Tripoli, Lebanon
Arwad & Tartous, Syria





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