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Phoenicia Homecoming Gallery, Arwad & Tartous, Syria 23.10.2010
Phoenicia returned home to Arwad for the official homecoming celebrations on Saturday 23rd October 2010. This was a joyous occasion attended by thousands of people and sponsored by the Syrian Chamber of Shipping and Osman Shipping LLC in partnership with the Governor and Mayor of Tartous and the Mayor of Arwad. Click on thumbnails to view larger image (opens in new window).
Phoenicia approaches Arwad, Syria Naval convoy
With VIP guests
Arrival convoy
Arwad Harbour
View of Phoenicia
From Arwad jetty
Crew and VIP's
Waving upon arrival
VIP's onboard
Waving upon arrival
The Welcome ceremony, Arwad  Raising the Syrian Flag, Clinton Clements
Media & press
Arwad quayside
Governor of Tartous & Philip Beale View of quayside from the bow of Phoenicia Phoenicia crew & team
Captain Philip Beale
Expedition Leader
Mr Abdul Kader Sabra
Syrian Chamber of Shipping
Eng. Mohamad Osman
Osman Shipping LLC
Mr. Khalid Hammoud
Lead Shipwright
Award presentation: Philip Beale Award presentation: Alice Chutter Award presentation: Rob Foote Award presentation: Steph Edwards
Award presentation: Victoria Sadler Award presentation: Karim Khwanda Award presentation: Nicolas Swallow Celebratory music & dancing
Traditional Syrian Dancers Traditional Syrian Dancers Captain & crew
join the dancers
Traditional Syrian Dancers


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