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Warren Aston Gallery: Aden - Salalah, Oman
Photographs taken by Warren Aston (Crew for the leg Aden-Salalah). Please click on the links below to view larger images (opens in new window)
The Crew
Aden-Salalah leg
Phoenicia at berth
in Aden harbour
scraping barnacles 
Night view of Aden harbour from the ship
Dirman making another of those endless repairs. Sulhan, Aziz, Doug
Preparing to raise sail
The Captain
calculates the course
 Phoenicia preparing to enter dry dock, Aden
The dry dock as Phoencia is winched in. The dry dock cradle for the ship View from aboard as we enterthe dry dock Phillip with the Port Aden dry dock team
Dirman & Phillip inspecting the hull Phoenicia in dry dock The colourful marine growth on the hull Doug begins to scrape the hull clean
hard at work on the hull
Dirman caulking the front of the hull Freshwater containers for the next leg The first coat of anti-fouling goes onto the hull
The captain inspects the final paint job Cleaned and repainted, Phoenicia's stern The stern showing the rudders The navigation equipment in the cabin
Phillip calibrates the LRAD  device Phoenicia at sea, view looking forward Dirman fillets Dorado for crew's dinner Dirman's Dorado from his hand line
View of rudder cutting through the water Sunrise, Paul asleep next to Captain's quarter Paul at the helm Warren trying to steer the ship
View looking aft from midway up the main mast Doug finds another use for the 600BC toilet - a welcome bath! Arriving at Salalah port
in Oman
Phoenicia rests in Salalah harbour

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