Education Programme

An adventure for learning and exploration for school students of all ages. The Phoenicia education programme will build on school students’ natural inquisitiveness, their desire for excitement and adventure whilst developing their life skills by bringing alive one of the greatest journeys in mankind’s history.


Introduction for teachers & parents

The Phoenicia education programme offers an opportunity to engage young people in the Phoenicia project and an introduction to the fascinating ancient culture of the 'Phoenician' people. Whether you want to dip in and out of the project or get more heavily involved by structuring the curriculum around the topic we hope to give you a good start with the ideas and resources available.

The educational resources are available at primary school level and include a Phoenician Teaching Resources CD.

There are seven historical presentations (Who were the Phoenicians, Daily Life, Phoenician Colonies, Phoenician Art, Gods Goddesses and Religion, Travel and Trade, Ancient Egypt and a link to Milad: the Voyage to Ophir), two teaching plans (Geography teaching plan of Africa, History teaching plan of the Phoenicians) and classroom activities (Writing messages in the Phoenician alphabet, Writing and explaining museum labels).


Additional School Resources - Literature

A wonderful children's book set in the world of the Phoenicians, Milad, The Voyage to Ophir.

This critically acclaimed book by Nazam Anhar is the first children’s novel set in the world of the Phoenicians.  A fascinating novel weaving history with fiction where Milad joins a fleet of Phoenician mariners on an expedition to Ophir, deep in Africa—travelling the same route re-enacted in the Phoenicia expedition.
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