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Welcome to the Phoenicia press page where you can find relevant information including press coverage, press releases and an exclusive press photo gallery. 

For all press enquiries please contact press@phoenicia.org.uk

Press Coverage

Date Press Archive Publication
News of the World in Photos Seattle Pi
30/05/2012 Red, White and Blue for Tower Bridge! Daily Mail Online
29/05/2012 Phoenicia ship will be sailing under lifted Tower Bridge Kensington & Chelsea Today
22/05/2012 Phoenicia cruises into Gibraltar's Ocean Village and makes a special collection. Marina Live!
28/03/2012 Phoenicia ship chooses Saint Katharine Docks Blue Sheets Marine Directory
22/02/2011 Phoenicia Ship Launches Foundation Classic Boat Magazine
31/12/2010 The history maker Dorset Echo
16/12/2010 Balanghai, Borobudur, Phoenicia and the Morgan: Reconstructing and celebrating our ancient maritime heritage Poseidon Science Group
16/12/2010 An ancient maritime heritage Day Press News
Nov 2010 Epic odyssey ends in triumph! Marina Live Magazine
11/11/2010 The Phoenicia voyager makes homecoming Forward Magazine, Syria
07/11/2010 Congratulations to Phoenicia Yellow Brick Tracking online
24/10/2010 Phoenician ship ends round Africa journey BBC News
01/11/2010 What to cook on a 2500 year old boat LA Weekly
24/10/2010 Replica of Phoenicia returns The Sunday Times
24/10/2010 Phoenicia ship arrives in Arwad Island port DP News
19/10/2010 Phoenicia proves sceptics wrong Sail World
15/10/2010 Phoenicia makes landfall in Lebanon The Gibraltar Chronicle
25/09/2010 Phoenician replica sails around Africa Malta Times
07/09/2010 Phoenicia sailing yacht arrives to Gibraltar's Ocean Village Marina. Live Yachting
03/09/2010 Phoenicia makes landfall in Gibraltar Maritime Directory
03/09/2010 Phoenicia Successfully to Gibraltar Sail World
02/09/2010 Phoenicia Uncovers New Treasures in Gibraltar Museum The Gibraltar Chronicle
01/09/2010 Phoenicia Visits Gibraltar Euro Weekly News
28/08/2010 Arriving at Calpe... The Gibraltar Chronicle
24/05/2010 Seawork navcoms guide replica Phoenician voyage Maritime Journal
16/03/2010 Phoenician Team Navigate Cape Dorset Echo & Bournemouth Daily Echo
23/03/2010 Ancient Wine Varietal for Ancient Ship Expedition Southafricanwine.co.za
27/02/2010 Phoenician Ship Sets Sail for Cape Waters Waterfront Boats, Cape Town
25/02/2010 Phoenicia Braves the Cape of Good Hope Sea Breeze Australia
23/02/2010 Replica of Ancient Vessel Visits East London Daily Dispatch, EL
11/02/2010 Phoenicia Update: Rerouting pirate waters Ocean Explorers Web
25/01/2010 Richards Bay Awaits Arrival of Phoenicia www.zyc.co.za
20/01/2010 History Sails Our Shores Zululand Observer, South Africa
18/11/2009 Pirate Drill in Somali Waters www.theoceans.net
01/11/2009 Expedition Artist sails from Mozambique www.danielleeubank.com
02/10/2009 Calling all seafarers Times Education Supplement
17/09/2009 Unique ship on epic voyage visits Oman Oman Daily Observer
20/06/2009 The Phoenician Ship Expedition Ancient World Review 2009
11/02/2009 Expedition hit by wind delay Dorset Echo
02/02/2009 Replica boat waits for wind in sails Western Morning News
31/01/2009 Phoenicia expedition 6 month wait for wind Sail World
14/01/2009 Painting through pirate waters LA Weekly
07/01/2009 A daring voyage (archive feature) Dorset Echo
20/12/2008 Phoenicia departs Sudan for the 'pirate zone' Sea Breeze Australia
04/12/2008 Images of an epic journey Bridport & Lyme Regis News
28/11/2008 Dorset adventurer sails into pirate infested-seas Dorset Echo
26/11/2008 Ship life display 600 BC Bridport & Lyme Regis News
01/11/2008 Sail back through time on Phoenicia Sail Magazine USA
20/08/2008 From Tartus to Carthage The National
12/08/2008 Phoenician boat sails from Syria towards Africa Al-arab Weekly Newspaper
11/08/2008 Round Africa the old way Sail Magazine
10/08/2008 Mrs Asma al-Assad launches Phoenicia Ship Syrian Arab News Agency
10/08/2008 Syrian fist lady attends ceremony www.townhall.com
10/08/2008 Syrian 1st lady attends launch ceremony www.daylife.com
10/08/2008 Date set for Phoenicia epic voyage Tunis Carthage Times
10/08/2008 Around Africa in Phoenician boat BBC
09/07/2008 Africa Draws Artist LA Daily News
20/06/2008 Student wins place on once in a lifetime trip Dorset Echo
June 2008 In the wake of the Phoenicians Dorset Magazine
27/05/2008 Strange world: Clockwise around Africa The Scotsman
28/05/2008 An ancient adventure Oxford Mail
21/05/2008 Model of historic vessel to recall ancient civilisation AKI - Adnkronos
19/05/2008 Briton to recreate first African circumnavigation Reuters
18/05/2008 Phoenician Ship Expedition to take place Al-Arab Online
13/05/2008 Phoenician Ship Progress Classic Boat
08/05/2008 Circle brands Phoenician Ship Expedition Design Week
01/05/2008 Ten Alps joins Phoenician Ship Expedition Ten Alps
04/04/2008 Expedition sails in wake of the Phoenicians Western Morning News
27/03/2008 An epic expedition BBC South Today
26/03/2008 Plotting course for round Africa voyage Bournemouth Echo
23/03/2008 Ready to sail into history Dorset Echo
22/03/2008 Sailor to recreate Phoenicians' epic African voyage The Independent
Spring 2008 The Return of the Phoenician Trader Edinburgh Middle East Report
17/03/2004 A strange kind of dream come true The Telegraph
01/09/2003 Sailing in History's Wake Time (& CNN)

Press Coverage - Arabic

Date Publication
12/08/2008 Al-Arab
June 2008 Syrian Ministry of Tourism
02/06/2008 BBC News
30/05/2008 Reuters
24/05/2008 Al-Arab
23/05/2008 Al-Manar
22/05/2008 Al-Watan
22/05/2008 Al-Arab
21/05/2008 Al-Qabas

Archive Press Releases


Press Release
28/03/2012 Saint Katharine Docks home to Phoenicia summer exhibition
18/09/2010 Phoenicia arrival sparks interest in ancient Punic Times, Carthage
31/08/2010 Phoenicia arrives at Ocean Village Marina, Gibraltar
15/07/2010 Phoenicia Reaches the Azores
06/04/2010 Phoenicia Reaches St. Helena
26/01/2010 Richards Bay Await Arrival of 6th Century BC Ship
11/12/2009 Phoenicia Reaches East Africa
14/11/2009 The Phoenician Ship Expedition Circumnavigation Africa
10/11/2009 Teacher Wanted for Circumnavigation of Africa
30/01/2009 Six month break for historic sailing expedition
22/10/2009 Select 5 From Royal Navy Oman Join Expedition to Africa
24/10/2009 Photographer opens 'Raw Travel' exhibition
19/05/2008 Phoenicia event at the Syrian Embassy
19/05/2008 Circle Designs the brand for the Phoenician Ship Expedition
19/05/2008 Phoenicia names Viking as the expedition's safety equipment partner
19/05/2008 Phoenicia names Southampton Calor as the expedition's energy provider
19/05/2008 Phoenicia names Global Freight Solutions as the expedition's logistics Partner
19/05/2008 Phoenicia names Raymarine as the expedition's Navigation Partner
10/04/2008 Crew wanted for 600 BC sailing expedition
05/01/2008 Phoenicia Fact Sheet for press
19/12/2007 Pushing The Boundaries

High Resolution Press Images

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